3ds Max Rollbone Utility

When starting any new gig as TD, you acquire ownership over exiting production toolchains. At Robot, this was no different. The existing animation pipeline consisted of a mix of both biped and custom rigs, some as old as the company itself, most built by animators, all in various states of technical prowess. Animators were rigging using various bits and pieces of automation to cobble rigs together, filling stopgaps by hand.

For an animator, rollbone creation is on the more challenging spectrum of rigging. Not to mention, there are plenty of misguided tutorials available on the web which don't explain the pitfalls of the various techniques they employ.

As a means to remove technical burden from animators and in effort to eliminate hand creation procedures from the pipeline, I created this simple rollbone utility. Knowing existing rigs were a mixed bag, the component rig was designed to attaching over top existing systems without heavy introspection. The "command line first" implementation enabled batching rollbone features onto existing animations inside a creation environment devoid of file referencing. This utility quickly evolved into a core component within the automated rig builder.

Rollbone utility demonstration

tool development using Maxscript in 3ds Max 2013