Maya Animated GIF Maker

During my time at TKO, the animation team was involved in numerous game pitches to various publishers. Each new pitch developed was more media-rich than the one before. I was tasked by the marketing team with embedding animations into Powerpoint presentations, which led to the creation of the GIF Maker tool in Maya 2005.

Animated GIF was the perfect vehicle for the job. GIFs embed as native HTML objects, whereas videos require external dependencies and file packaging. They also play automatically with each new slide, without the presenter having to manually trigger actions or interrupt natural flow.

To expedite their creation, GIF maker was developed using MEL script and the ImageMagick processing library. This allowed marketing and animation to collaborate quickly with minimal disruption. The solution found in animated GIFs provided the right about of ambiance needed to elevate marketing presentations to the next level.

Maya animated GIF maker

tool development using MEL script and ImageMagick in Maya 2005 | anim by Kiel Figgins