Maya Pipeline Testing

Unit Testing and Test Driven Development is one of those dark arts you've probably heard of, maybe looked into briefly, but then quickly abandon without giving the process a fair chance. I understand; I was one of these people too. When the opportunity to create a brand new pipeline from scratch surfaced, I decided what better time then now to see what all the fuss is about.

Armed with a book on unit testing in python, PyCharm, and PyTest, my initial goal was to produce a single module using strict, "fail first" development practices. The Animation Editor backend data pipe was the ideal candidate to apply TDD methodologies and workflow.

The first week of writing tests feels ambiguous, and is the largest hurdle to overcome. The more tests you write, the more things becomes clear. You eventually download open source projects and scour over their suite of tests, dissecting and learning from live, professional products. You reorganize, focus, and optimize your tests. You learn about fixtures, mocks, boundaries, and coverage... and before you know it you're hooked!

The video below is a simple demonstration of a Maya tools pipeline wrapped in testing.

Unit Testing in a Maya pipeline

test development environment using Maya 2017 and PyCharm 2016