PS4 Announce: Facial Rigging

Sometimes your most creative work happens spontaneously at the eleventh hour. For the OMDU PS4 Announce Trailer, the animation crew decided on a group shot involving moderate dialog with only weeks left. No previous version of Orcs had utilized facial animation, so existing heads were optimized for static posing. I stepped in to model over trouble areas without affecting UV and normal mapping, while also skinning and rigging a basic facial rig to accomplish the shot. After a bit of back and forth with modeling to remove static expression texture reminisce, we ended up with a facial rig capable of limited motion. Skinning and re-topology was done in Maya 2016, then rigged in 3ds Max 2013 for animation. The resulting success is the first time Robot Entertainment was able to deliver in-game facial animation. This experience became one of my favorite team bonding moments at Robot.

Facial Rigging excerpt

skinning, rigging, and real-time cloth implementation in Maya/Max/Unreal 3

Catch the full PS4 Announce Trailer here